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Reincarnation Machine ... who WERE you? 24/04/2015 17:11

Click to go to the website. They clain it will tell you who you were. If you get something interesting be sure to shhare in the blog comments section. I got Snub Pollard a 1020's silent f...
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BINGE WATCHING, IT'S NICE BUT............ 22/04/2015 09:40

It seems whenever I come back to work from the weekend, someone always tells me about the TV show they “Binged Watched” over the last couple of days. This is usually done by downloading, youtube or maybe even the old fashioned way; watching a number of DVD discs. The other day I started pigging out on the original HAWAII FIVE-O but after a few episodes I thought, “What am I doing?” I mean I can only take so much of Steve, Dano, Chin an...
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Don't put it in your mouth and other life lessons... 21/04/2015 11:10

Iron Eyes Cody made me never want to litter again!

Do you remember this one?

Me either, but I DO remember th...
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WILLIE'S 420 Project! 20/04/2015 20:09

Have to share a Willie Nelson story today on 4/20.

Willie is jumping into the movement to commercialize marijuana, and plans to 'roll' out his own brand of cannabis that he intends to make the best on the market. WILLIE'S RESERVE will be grown and sold in Colorado and Washington. His press release explains: "Willie's Reserve will reflect the many varieties and range of the plant's qualities."

The release also says the 81 year old Nelson wil...
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BE THAT ONE AND FEEL GREAT!!!! 20/04/2015 09:51

Well here it is another Monday and for me that means it’s time to stretch, groan and shout out a mouthful of profanity. Later this afternoon I will be dutifully heading over to the BTO Studios in Thorold to train with a guy who takes great pleasure at seeing people gassed; I’m talking my good friend Dan Giancola. Since September I have been training with Dan, I have learned a great deal about nutrition and what I should and shouldn’t be eating to atta...
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Scrap the Draft Lottery! 20/04/2015 09:30

While I know our Giant FM morning host Brian would like to see a change in the NHL draft Lottery so that all 14 teams that miss the playoffs have an equal chance of getting the first overall pick, this is the first thing I’ve EVER disagreed with him on (O.K., second…..I forgot about soccer!) . I’d like to see the lottery scrapped completely. You finish last? You automatically get first pick. Period. Hey, it seems to work fine in the NFL, and no one ever ac...
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So there's a story about this guy....wait, what? 20/04/2015 09:18

Happy 420 day!

Let’s face it, if this was a real holiday, we would all be getting bouquets of Cheetos and chocolate but none of us would answer the door when they get delivered

So where did this day come from?

Well, some say you can thank the Grateful Dead…or dead-heads

But most people say it&rs...
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The force is with me.... 17/04/2015 11:11

When I was 8, my dad had a brown bath robe that I would wear and run around the house pretending I was Han Solo...or Luke Skywalker

My teddy bear was Chewey

So you can imagine how excited I am about this!

Are you?

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One with nature 15/04/2015 10:35

Sure, we all want to swim with dolphins, go on a safari, visit a petting zoo

Be one with nature

...until nature wants to be one with us!

This video is soooooo funny!

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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 15/04/2015 09:43

The other day an Alaskan Airways employee fell asleep inside the baggage compartment of a jet, as it turns out the sleepy suitcase tosser had been burning the candle at both ends and had just finished his shift. His co-workers called out to him, checked the aircraft and even tried to raise him on his mobile, all to no avail. The grounds crew thought that he must have checked out early. The jet was cleared for takeoff with Rip Van Winkle sawing logs as the plane hit a cruisin...
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The DOG'S DIARY ..and the 'Cat's' Diary too. 14/04/2015 16:39

Imagine reading your Dog's Diary. It could look a bit like this: 8am- Dog Food! My favourite thing! 9:30- A Car Ride! My favourite thing! 9:40- A Walk in the Park! My favourite thing! 10:30- Got Rubbed and Petted! My favourite thing! Noon- Milk Bones! My favourite thing! 1pm- Played in the Yard! My favourite thing! 3- Wagged my Tail! My favourite thing! 5- Dinner! My favourite thing! 7- Got to Play Ball! My favourite thing! 8- Wow! Watched TV with the People! My favourite thing! 11- Sl...
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Hello Dolly (and Chunk)! 13/04/2015 10:57

OK, so last week I was a little cat obsessed, I think the cat I was persitting brainwashed me (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

But this week, Match Dot Paws returns with your springtime love...


She loves people, kids, toys kisses...

She ...
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Finally, good moves by the Leafs...... 13/04/2015 09:36

It didn’t take long at all for Leafs President Brendan Shanahan to clean house following this most dismal of seasons for the Blue and White. On Sunday, Shanahan announced that General Manager Dave Nonis was being relieved of his duties, along with head coach Peter Horachek and 3 of his assistants, and 2 other front office types. Finally, a move in the right direction for the Leafs. Horachek, you could see coming. His assistants too. They inherited a terrible situation, one which...
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Forget the color of the dress, what's up (or down) with this cat? 10/04/2015 09:21

OK, so since I have been cat sitting, I have been more obsessed with cats

(I think Oliver the cat is brainwashing me...who can I call about this?? Help me!)

Anyway, just so I don't feel alone in this, here's a cat to mess with YOUR mind

Not unlike 'the dress' and what color it was

today's internet obsession...

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You Got Some Splainin' To Do 07/04/2015 14:47

That's supposed to be Lucille Ball this statue unveiled in her hometown of Celoron NY. Looks like the artist put Ricky Ricardo head on Lucy's boddy... maybe he was going for the DesiLu look??

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Hope springs eternal 07/04/2015 09:49

If you’re a Leaf or Sabres fan, after this season from you-know-where they’re both wrapping up this week, isn’t it great to have baseball back? No matter who your team is, watching baseball is the most definite sign that we’ve made it through another harsh winter, and that better, warmer days are ahead. Hope ‘springs” eternal if you’re a baseball fan. Heck, the Kansas City Royals almost won the World Series last year,...
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Which one are you? 07/04/2015 09:45

I recently started a little pet sitting/dog walking business and I have my first cat client

Oliver is super cute and pretty easy to hang out with

But, having been a ‘dog person’ for the last 11 years, I quickly remembered…

Cats are insane

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Drummer Super Sunday & Happy Easter! 05/04/2015 14:36

As I write this, I sit in studio hosting today's Drummer's Super Sunday. I was once a drummer, and advanced to the point of once opening for a band called the Outsiders (Time Won't Let Me). I realized early on that the money wouldn't come from performing, so I 'got a real job', as my father advised! (and here I am- ha ha!)

I notice a thread running through the lives of today's featured drummers, and I wonder at what drives someone to a path of sometimes self d...
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