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Keep your eyes up here! 28/09/2016 18:11

Seriously, what do you think this guy was thinking about as he shook hands with Melania Trump at the Presidential debate on Monday night? His wife? The weather? How to fix the economy? How to defeat ISIS? Maybe........maybe not!

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SUMMER IN NIAGARA....THE BEST 26/09/2016 10:21

I couldn’t believe it when last week we said goodbye to summer of 2016 and now here we are just days away from October.

Many friends and co-workers took off for the sunny south over the last couple of months or if that was too warm for them, they headed out to explore this beautiful country of ours.

I prefer the “staycation” and this year I vowed I would try and see as many events and attractions around the Region as ...
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Crossfire Wrestling coming to Welland!!! 26/09/2016 10:07

A jam packed Merritton Community Centre witnessed a first for Crossfire Wrestling this past Sunday: a ladder match, but not just any ladder match, a three-way tilt pitting three of the brighest, most talented stars on the roster. The match featured current Champ Cody Deaner versus Phil Atlas, who's really starting to make a name for himself in the squared circle, and the massive, and I mean MASSIVE Kongo Kong! Hailing from parts unknown, this frightening behemoth stands about, I'm gue...
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Fall Weekend! 25/09/2016 13:16

It was a Great Fall Weekend. Jef, KK and Chrishon were with Giant FM at the WINE FESTIVAL. Jef took 97 selfies with his new selfie stick. You can see them all on the Giant FM Facebook page. Maybe spot yourself with the Afternoon Team?

Chrishon was official 'Wine Taster' at the Festival at Montebello Park. No calling in sick tomorrow, Chrishon.

I had the pleasure Friday Noon, of delivering Free Food Friday to Bella Luna Inspirations in Welland. T...
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Team Canada SHOULD run the table 22/09/2016 10:02

There is no way Canada should lose a game at the World Cup of Hockey. Absolutely, positively no way.

As this fine blog is being written, Team Canada is waiting to find out who it’s semi final opponent will be, and that has been narrowed down to either Russia or Team North America. Either way, Saturday night could be one of those epic nights in international hockey. O.K., never to the extent of Paul Henderson’s heroics in September of 197...
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Late shout out to the crew at Timmie's 20/09/2016 10:37

Dropped by the Tim Horton's on Welland Avenue at Niagara Street in St. Catharines last week to check in on the "Smile Cookies" campaign. Tracy, the manager at that location, was telling me how many Smile Cookies they were going through per day, and the number was astpounding! Hey why not, they taste delicious, plus, the dollar they cost was going (excluding tax, of course), to a terrific cause. Each Tim Horton's location has a specific charitable cause they donate the proceeds ...
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KK's Bacon, Cheddar, Potato Soup Recipe!!! 12/09/2016 10:30

It's that time again!

Fall for some means Pumpkin Spice Bulls**t.....

Fall in Niagara means you call Mama KK for her potato soup recipe!

Sooooo easy!


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Rockin' the Blues.......................... 12/09/2016 10:20

Had the privilege over this past weekend of MC'ing the 18th annual Southside Shuffle Blues and BBQ Festival in Port Credit. If you're a music fan, whether you like Mississipi Delta blues, soul, funk, roots or more modern rockin' blues, this is the place to be the second weekend of September every year. The fun kicked off Friday afternoon with bluesman Chris Gill from Mississipi, and wrapped up on night # 1 with the Canadian Blues All-Stars, an amazing collection of Juno and Maple Blu...
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September Eleven.. 9/11 11/09/2016 08:19

Today is September 11th, the day that changed all of our lives forever, in many different ways. It is the kind of day that you remember where you were, and what you were doing, at the precise moment when you were made aware of the planes flying into the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and into a field in Pennsylvania.

I was eating breakfast with friends in a diner in Niagara Falls, facing the television. Having breakfast, making small talk and enjoying a Summer day....
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Torts for President 07/09/2016 10:42

John Tortorella has always been known as a tough, no-nonsense coach in the National Hockey League and elsewhere where he has applied his trade. The man who'll be behind the bench for Team U.S.A. for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey pulled no punches when discussing what would happen if one of his players refused to stand for the National Anthem at this month's tournament. Tortorella told ESPN that players who take a seat during the anthem can basically stay glued to the bench. He...
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Starting the month with a smile 01/09/2016 09:53

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can keep you happy and positive . I've always thought that if you can start your day with a smile, you're going to have a good day. Take this morning, for example. I get up very, very early, as usual, and start getting ready for the day. I realize it's the first day of September, so I think, O.K., first thing to do, change the page on the calendar. So before leaving for Giant F...
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Colin Kaepernick....right or wrong? 30/08/2016 09:54

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn’t stand during the U.S. National Anthem at a pre season game on Friday.He said he couldn’t show pride for a country that he says ‘oppresses black people and people of colour”.

As you might expect, his actions, or inactions, have caused quite a stir, with the battle lines drawn between those who support his right to free speec...
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Summer Music Festival ends with the King 29/08/2016 10:49

Our congratulations go out to Don Romano and Ralph Belvedere, the two fine gentlemen who launched the Summer Music Festival in Welland this summer. These guys worked very hard behind the scenes for months to make it happen, and put together a total of 8 great shows over the past two months. One thing I want to point out is that Don and Ralph made sure a number of...
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LABOUR DAY- Soon! 28/08/2016 08:22

A week from today, we'll be into the Labour Day Weekend. Little story:

In the week before Labour Day, a poor country farmer named Earl won $480,000 in the lottery. As a treat, he took his wife and their four kids to see the Labour Day Parade in New York.

They booked into the Sheraton International near Central Park. Having never been far from their small West Virginia town, they were excited by the glitz and excitement of the 'Big Apple'. Earl,...
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Fun and frolic on a Free Food Friday....... 25/08/2016 09:43

We love to get out into the community here at Giant FM. Our listeners are the absolute best, dedicated to the station and to the great classic rock we play 24/7. That’s why it’s always fun for us to get out at lunchtime on a Friday and drop off some delicious food from Country Corner Market and cupcakes from Subs Plus and meet the most important people we know, our listeners, on a Free Food Friday! This week, I’m packing up the food and heading to Nort...
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A hunka-hunka good times this Friday 23/08/2016 10:28

Here's another sign that the wonderful summer of 2016 is winding down......the final show for this year's Welland Summer Music Festival is coming up this Friday night on the floating stage at the Merritt Park amphitheatre. And what a way to cap off an incredible season of entertainment, with some of the most legendary, influential sounds of all time! Matt Cage , who is an award winning Elvis tribute artist, will be performing songs from the vast catalogue of the King ...
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THE HIP DIDN'T DISAPPOINT 22/08/2016 11:10

On Saturday night something happened in Kingston that unified this Country from coast to coast. No, it wasn’t a hockey game but it was a band that scored a hit song telling the story of a one time Toronto Maple Leaf player who scored a Stanley Cup winning goal, Bill Barilko. The song in question, “Fifty Mission Cap” and the band, The Tragically Hip.

The “Hip” played th...
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LED ZEPPELIN 21/08/2016 12:45

The Woodstock Festival happened this time of the year, back in 1969. Led Zeppelin had been together only since a year before- having formed in London in 1968. They were asked to perform, but their manager, Peter Grant, said: "We were asked to do Woodstock, and our record company was very keen, and so was our American promoter, Frank Barsalona. I said no, because at Woodstock, we'd have been just another band on the bill."

The band did play in July of 69, at the fi...
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Dreams Come True 15/08/2016 10:04

To quote the movie Rock Star (with edits):

“You know, I'm just a regular guy girl who grew up with the posters of these guys on my wall.pretending t...
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TRUMP as a Kicker..? 14/08/2016 07:31

In the Giant FM Newsroom, where I spend every Saturday and Sunday morning, I find myself writing the News. This part of my job involves searching out the happenings and events that are most important to our listeners. Niagara coverage, Ontario and Canada dominate my selections, since the stories are the most likely to hit home, and be of most interest. I also look over the News from the World, and the United States in particular.

I try to write the stories in a relev...
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