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What colours do you see in thid dress? 27/02/2015 15:01

What colours do you see in this dress? Blue and Black? or do you see white and gold?

Comment below and tell me what you see.

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Deadline day approaches.................... 26/02/2015 08:44

Is there a day in hockey,, other than maybe the day of the draft , the start of free agency on July 1st or the opening night of the Stanley Cup playoffs that has more buzz around it than trade deadline day? And is there a day in hockey that can be as anti-climactic as trade deadline day in the salary-cap era in which we live? Smart teams don’t wait until the deadline, they make their moves in advance and acquire available players without necessarily havi...
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Now You Cam Make BOOTY Music 25/02/2015 15:00

New device creates dum beats from the rhythmic movements of your BUTT!!!

Click to see the video on Youtube

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Got cats? Hazel dosn't care 25/02/2015 10:22

World, meet Hazel

Hazel, this is the world, and one lucky human is going to give you a furever home

Maybe you?

She is an amazing girl, very cuddly and cat friendly with the sweetest disposition

Want to meet his loveable little girl? (OK, not ‘little’, she’s a mix Mastiff /Retriever/ Labrador )Click here

Junior B Hockey honours it's finest 24/02/2015 05:45

The Golden Horseshoe Junior B Hockey Conference awards banquet was held Monday night at Club Roma in St. Catharines. Here is a list of the award winners from the evening............................

Volunteers of the year.......................

Kelly Barber of Ancaster

Larry Devuyst of Caledonia

Amy McCombs of Fort Erie

Michel ‘Frenchy” Dompie...
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The R.I.D.E. Program runs All Year! 23/02/2015 16:59

Reporting the Giant FM Weekend Morning Information Updates, I constantly monitor the Niagara Regional Police blotter. Each weekend morning, I get the results of the latest RIDE program, and how many vehicles were stopped and checked. Generally about 350 are pulled over when the police conduct traffic spot checks, and maybe several violations for various offences are handed out to drivers who should have known better than to drink and drive.

So as a publ...
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The Toronto Maple Leafs are playing poor hockey. The fans are fed up and want them to lose as many games as possible to get a decent draft pick. The players (not all) are going through the motions and many of them are avoiding "The Media" because it's a bad situation in "Hogtown" right now.

One of the bright spots over the last few games has been the play of defenceman Morgan Rielly, the other day he spoke to the press and made a comment about the teams pathetic...
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And the Oscar goes to... 23/02/2015 09:39

For some of my friends, THIS is their Superbowl

Oscar night

These are some of my favorite moments...

Oprah gets a Lego

Merryl and J Lo want equal pay too

ans JT needs to learn about personal space....
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Twitter twits 23/02/2015 08:19

Social media has, in many ways, revolutionized our society. Thanks to Twitter, Instagram ,Facebook and the like, it’s so much easier , for those who care, to keep up with what people like the Kardashians are up to. Another thing social media has done is give a voice to anyone who has anything to say about events happening around the world. Case in point, this past Sunday night’s Academy Awards. It was amazing how many different news outlets, be it print or electronic...
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I'll be back Tomorrow- and the day after that too! 22/02/2015 08:40

Just wanted to let you know that when I finish today's shift, you haven't heard the last of me for this week! Starting Monday night, I'll be picking up where Jef Brown leaves off. At 7pm, Monday-Friday, I'll be in the Giant FM Studio until Midnight, dispensing my particular brand of wisdom- to use a term that may or may not fit. Management has searched the world over, and has decided to put ME on the air weeknights- until Arsenio or Leno becomes available.

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MDP Update OR How to stay warm this winter 20/02/2015 11:38

Check out the Match Dot Paws blog for an update on Bear, Chunk (I love him soooo much!) and Lucy

and see how they can become a warm part of your family this winter!

Nothing beats the love of a rescue

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More Maple Leaf mayhem....... 18/02/2015 08:29

The Leafs have made one trade so far, leading up to the March 2nd NHL trade deadline, sending defenceman Cody Franson and forward Mark Santorelli to Nashville for a first round pick, a prospect and veteran forward Ollie Jokanen. Needless to say, with the exception of defenceman Morgan Reilly and to an extent goaltender James Reimer, everyone on the Leafs has been mentioned as potential trade bait as the team embarks on what will likely be a long, slow, painful reb...
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ZAP! 17/02/2015 09:26

We dropped into a deep freeze this weekend

Nothing new, it’s February, in Canada. This happens every year at this time

But we forget...

We forget how cold it feels

We forget that wind CAN hurt your face

And we forget that EVERYTHING in your house becomes a weapon

I’m ...
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How Cold is it? (No- Not a Henny Youngman joke) 16/02/2015 16:04

Stepped outside Monday morning to head into Giant FM to do the Show. 5am. Dark. Did I say Cold? It was -27, with a wind chill of -33. Fired up the old 2001 Chrysler and off I went. Not a soul on the road- not even the cops or truckers were out- it was Family Day. A Holiday.

Reminded me of when I was a kid and didn't mind the cold weather. There was a pond behind my house, and this particular Winter, I was 12 and couldn't wait to get home from school to lac...
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Need Love? Get Lucy! 12/02/2015 09:40

Valentines Day is almost here

It’s all about the LOVE

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! And kisses, and belly rubs and long walks in the park…

This is Lucy

She’s a lover

And if you are another dog or cat…a fighter

But mostly a lover

She love...
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Impressive Facial Fur - World Beard and Moustache Championships 10/02/2015 17:35

Check out these INCREDIBLE whiskersClick here

Do...Don't... 10/02/2015 10:41

Just know that I'm am here for you as we head into this stessful holiday...OK, not a holiday, but it should be. Single people get depressed (and drunk) and married/coupled people can get depressed (and drunk)so we need a day to deal with it all!

So here are some Do's and Don't to get you through it (PS: if you're single, just be happy you don't have to come ...
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