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Where's (Waldo) Pat? 29/07/2015 15:34

The end of Summer is shaping up to be one of the busiest times of the year- and always one of the most interesting, social and fun times too. Tomorrow evening, I'll be leading the parade, as the SOUTHERN CRUISERS ERIE SHORE Riding Club leaves the Giant FM parking lot at 6, to head to Clare's Bike Night in Niagara on the Lake. I always bring up the rear, so I don't get lost somewhere in the wilds of South Niagara and rural Thorold. It has happened, but the Riders came back for me, to ...
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Just a friendly reminder 29/07/2015 11:26

In the midst of the heatwave we're enjoying, here's a reminder for you...

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World Hepatitis Day 29/07/2015 11:07

Had the opportunity to go to Centennial Square in Niagara Falls yesterday, along with Matt the Intern and the Giant FM cruiser for "World Hepatitis Day". What is that, you may ask? Well, from 10 A.M. until 2 p.m., residents were able to get tons of inofrmation on Hepatitis, what it is, how it's acquired, treatments, etc....... The organizers of the event did a fantastic job in putting the day together, with a large number of display booths, food, refreshments, music and information. ...
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“I don’t f***ing care” 23/07/2015 09:26

I love this woman!

This is the kind of story that makes you think...what am I waiting for?

We all seem to put off something in life that we really want to do for one reason or another...

...and we all (hopefully) get to that point in life w...
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So now what.... 21/07/2015 10:03

So this morning, I head into the studio, getting ready to present the entertainment guide and Jef Brown hands me…..

A giant zucchini

What am I suppose to do with this beast?

At the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, I know about

Fried zucchini

Zucchini bread

Zucchini muffins&l...
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It Truly IS a Summer of Fun in Niagara! 19/07/2015 10:18

Today wraps up one of the most well run Festivals of the Summer in Niagara- the Pelham Summerfest. We sent Matt Sanderson to the event with the Giant FM Cruiser, and Matt posted some great pictures to the Giant FB and Twitter pages. He was even caught line dancing with both of his left feet. I salute the organizers for a great production. Good weather helps too!

We're not done yet.. Lots of Fun still to come, with the St Davids Lions Carnival from the 23rd to the 26...
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His Million Bottle pledge 13/07/2015 10:28

This is my friend Andy and is …pal?...Oskar

Andy is running across the country to help keep our Country clean

It's the Million Bottle Pledge:

'In an effort to preserve nature, protect the environment and keep our world beautiful, I'm running along and cleaning up our highways, trails and parks.'

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Is the Shoe the new Dress 10/07/2015 14:52

Some people see the shoe as pink others say its purple.... does anybody REALLY care??? lol

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Let the Games begin! 08/07/2015 09:52

The Pan Am Games get under way this weekend. Years of training, hard work and dedication by the athletes will be rewarded for some with a trip to the medal podium, while for others, memories that will last a lifetime will be made.

To all of the participants and coaching staffs, all the best. To the countless volunteers, congratulations on doing your part to help out, and for doing your part to showcase Canada to millions of people. To be honest, there are some spo...
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Oh that photo? My dog took it... 02/07/2015 09:46

Did you have a happy Canada Day?

Did you take lots of pictures?

Did your dog?

You heard me....

Well, now your dog can take pictures of things it loves too!

This is going to start a whole new thing on the internet...a smart person would create an Instagram type app for dogs and their photos...(if y...
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Hey anonymous suck....... 30/06/2015 10:11

You have to wonder what the heck the Boston Bruins were thinking last Friday. Their moves and their drafting made even the Leafs look good by comparison, and that is saying something. First, the Bruins sent power forward Milan Lucic to the L.A. Kings for basically a first rounder. But in one of the most puzzling moves in hockey in a long, long time, the Bruins dealt defenceman Dougie Hamilton to the Calgary Flames for draft picks. What???? Why on God’s green earth would a team d...
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World's Ugliest Dog... & THIS is the runner-up??? 29/06/2015 15:38

Click the picture flor the full story and more hideous pics.

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Who's your Buddy? 29/06/2015 10:21

Last week, The Rolling Stones hung out with Buddy Guy at his Legends club

Check out the clip for some of what went down

Just sittin’ around listening to stories from the legend

Got me thinking…what musician(s) would you like to hang out...
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Looks Like a Little Rain? 28/06/2015 08:27

It's really amazing that the 'Weatherman' picked the weekend to unload. I was sitting in the sunshine Friday afternoon, tanning my shins and nose, thinking it was just a glorious day. But I had informed myself of the weekend forecast, knowing that Niagara was going to be 'flush' with rain.

It was the weekend of the Ft Erie Friendship Festival, Flavours in Port Colborne, along with the Art Crawl. At least the Thorold South Children's Fishing Derby ran without a ...
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You're going to need kleenex...for both...sorry 22/06/2015 09:39

It's Monday, I know this should be all about puppies and kittens, but...

Here's the trailer for Robin Williams' last movie, Boulevard

‘If life is moving in the wrong direction, there’s always time to make a u-turn’

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Father's Day 2015 21/06/2015 11:27

It's time to celebrate Dad today! After talking and texting with a few listeners, I collected a few gems about dear ol' DAD.. Here are some of the comments: "Just once on Father's Day I wish my kids would give me a #1 Dad mug, instead of one with my actual ranking."

Remember, what Dad really wants is a nap.

I would give my Dad what he really wants on Father's Day, but I can't afford to move out yet.

I got my dad one of t...
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Here's to the Blackhawks..... 16/06/2015 09:37

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years on Tuesday night. First off, congratulations to coach Joel Quenneville and the entire Blackhawks club, I honestly believe the best team took home Lord Stanley’s mug.
Secondly , as I watched the Cup being passed around on the ice late Tuesday night, I thought of the many, many Chicago fans in I’ve met over the years. There are still a lot of people in Niagara who fondly remember the...
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